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About Us

O Street International is a nonprofit, mission-driven organization. At O Street, our mission is to create synergy between our collaborating partners and the realm of Opportunity. We partner with educational institutions, governments, nonprofits and corporations to develop cultural exchange programs that propel international engagement, social responsibility and diversity awareness. We invest time and energy to assembling a team of people and organizations that thrive off diversity and worldly experiences to create solutions. We travel down the road of Opportunity with our clients, customers, and donors.

Our programs promote meaningful interaction, encourage sharing of knowledge, innovations and opportunities and stimulate discussion. Employing a network-centered model, we connect relationships, resources and peopleā€”on a global scale.

Because ideas and information should not be confined by countries and cultures.

Because relationships should not be restricted by geographical boundaries.

Because the world is not a one-way street.

At O Street International, we make opportunities become realities.

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