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Who We Are

Our founder, Omari Faulkner, experienced the importance of international cultural exchanges early on. Shortly after graduating from Georgetown University, Omari traveled for over a year with the U.S. Department of State as a cultural envoy, visiting over 45 countries and 115 cities. Utilizing sports as a vehicle of collaborative outreach, he saw firsthand how to best use culture as a universal language and a way to tap into and connect with audiences at an unfiltered level. Throughout this life changing experience, Omari witnessed and recognized the effectiveness of using culture, people-to-people contact, discussion, and communication to bridge cultural gaps around the globe. Omari’s perspective was forever changed.

O Street International (OSI) continues this tradition by using educational and cultural exchanges to bridge communities across our country and around the world. We work with nonprofits, as well as for profit companies and organizations, that are helping domestic and international communities through sports, cultural, educational, and humanitarian programming. As a nonprofit, mission-driven organization, we connect relationships, resources, and people – on a global scale.

At O Street International, we transform visions into realities.

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