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What We Do

We provide a variety of services through our expertise in  sports, educational, cultural, and professional exchanges.  Partnering with educational institutions, governments, nonprofits, and for profit corporations, we develop educational and exchange programs that propel international engagement, social responsibility, and diversity awareness.

Our services and programs, tailored to be most effective for the given audience, include:

Project Formation

We work on project formation and we will assist you at taking a fledgling idea and develop it into a full-blown program.

Proposal Writing/Grant Winning

We develop quality proposals. While working with other organizations, we can help to expand your mission; help you win grants for cultural/sports exchanges.

Program Enhancement

Programs are what we do, so if you already have a sports exchange program, we will assist you in evaluating your current program and making recommendations on how it can be improved.

Program Management

In addition to developing your program, we will manage your program from drafting the initial proposal through implementation.

Speaking Engagements

We are advocates for cultural and educational exchanges. We know their value and benefits, so if you are looking for a dynamic speaker and expert in the field to speak to your audience, we can help.


We partner with organizations, both for profit and other nonprofits, to develop programs and provide support, planning, or whatever services may be needed.

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