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Educational and Cultural Exchange Programs

O Street International is engaged in promoting diplomacy right here at home. Our educational and cultural exchange programs involve connecting the communities right here in the U.S. Through our domestic programming, we are building bridges, sharing experiences, and helping to unite people through educational and shared experiences.

Currently, our educational and cultural programs include:

  • Supporting our Veterans from various parts of the country through adaptive sports programming
  • Sports Without the Equipment – Leadership and community building on and off the court
  • Sharing our Stories – Developing a network of outreach through various communities

UAE Sports and Wellness Educational Program 

O Street International developed and led a Sports and Wellness Educational Program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). During our week-long programming, an O Street International team of four elite athletes conducted events and clinics with youth and sport coaches focusing on wellness, agility, and physical fitness. O Street International continues the tradition of sports education and is paving the way for continuous programming on Sports & Wellness domestically and internationally.

Upcoming Projects:

O Street International is always developing its programming and looking for ways to build bridges and connect people. We are developing the following projects for both domestic and international programming.

  • Wellness and Nutrition – Spreading awareness about the importance of a healthy lifestyle through a balanced approach
  • Sustainability and Permaculture – Development and promotion of agricultural ecosystems that are sustainable and self-sufficient
  • Women and Youth Leadership – Developing and promoting leadership, civic duty, and community engagement focused on women and youth

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