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Harnessing the talents of the student athlete to maximize the student and the athlete.


Athlete For Life

Based on Omari Faulkner’s upcoming book, Athlete For Life, O Street International’s Athlete For Life Initiative is missioned to empower student-athletes with the knowledge of applying skills learned from their athletic careers to maximize their collegiate experience and harness academic and leadership resources for lifelong success.

With balanced preparation, the academic and athletic skills of a young athlete can transcend boundaries… the skills and dedication used honing one’s athletic craft, when applied to academics and other aspects of the experience, create a formula for lifelong success.

Approximately 7,300,000 high school student-athletes and 492,000 NCAA student-athletes comprise our country’s secondary and college sports industry. 

By providing a framework for developing the new student-athlete, where focus on the student is as significant as the athlete beginning in the high school years and early, Omari’s book will create a new blueprint for success.

Being successful doesn’t end on the court or field, it’s the game of life.

O Street International has always promoted sports diplomacy because we believe it is a successful way to connect people and build bridges. We have used our programs to promote the use of sports to build strong communities, encourage social and community engagement, and to develop leadership. Athlete For Life, is about learning the tools for success… We are on board, how about you?

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