23 10, 2018

Loss of University of Utah’s Lauren McCluskey due to a tragic crime

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Yesterday, the University of Utah lost senior track standout Lauren McCluskey to a very unfortunate act of senseless violence.  On behalf of the Athlete for Life family, I would like to send prayers to the entire University of Utah student body.  Losing a student athlete impacts athletes all around the [...]

18 09, 2018

Day to Serve: What Are Your Plans?

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Day to Serve is here!  We are all a part of a bigger community, and from September 11 – October 10, Day to Serve marks an annual initiative started in Virginia, Maryland, West  Virginia, and Washington D.C. to highlight how we all can get involved as serve our community. As [...]

29 08, 2018

Senator McCain- Honoring a Man of Service and Patriotism

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The mark of true leadership is service.  As we honor Senator John McCain, we pay tribute to his lifetime commitment to service to his country.  Senator McCain’s distinguished military service places him at the top of the list of those who dedicated themselves to the American people and American ideals. [...]

12 06, 2018

Athlete for Life Message Continues as Local Paper Highlights Runners in the Making

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  Omari Faulkner's OpEd piece, "Athlete for Life" was featured in the Loudoun Times Mirror last week.  The article reminds us that the journey of an Athlete for Life can begin early and shows itself throughout life. Faulkner points out, "The skills that athletes develop, beyond benefiting their physical and [...]