November 2017

Gearing Up and Giving

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Happy Thanksgiving! Today, we give thanks for our loved ones and the opportunity we are blessed to experience as Americans. As Giving Tuesday approaches, O Street International is Gearing Up to Give as we launch our drive for $2,018. Our goal is to raise $2,018, supporting the cost of rebuilding [...]

O Street International (OSI) Hosts 2017 Sports Leadership Development Summit

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In coordination with the U.S. Department of State's Office of Citizen Exchanges, and World Learning, O Street International (OSI) was recently honored to host its 2017 Sports Leadership Development Summit at Georgetown University.  On November 1, 2017, sports professionals from Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, along with U.S. sports and health [...]

July 2017

Athlete For Life, and VOLeaders Serves as Example.

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The University of Tennessee announced its VOLeaders Class of 2017-2018, a program that will give a select group of its student athletes an opportunity to merge athletics, academics, and student life through a program created to highlight just how important these aspects are to their success.  As Joe Scogin, Senior [...]

June 2017

Forever Ballers: Playing to Win is a Lifelong Process

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A recent ESPN W video featuring an  80 Year Old Women's Basketball Team is another reminder of the lifelong benefits of sports. Sports and athletics don't stop when you leave the court or a particular season of life, rather sports provides skills and creates a mental state of mind that lasts a [...]