Athlete For Life, and VOLeaders Serves as Example.

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Athlete For Life, and VOLeaders Serves as Example.

The University of Tennessee announced its VOLeaders Class of 2017-2018, a program that will give a select group of its student athletes an opportunity to merge athletics, academics, and student life through a program created to highlight just how important these aspects are to their success.  As Joe Scogin, Senior Associate Athletic Director and Assistant Provost stated, “the influence and impact (of) sports can have on their lives, not only in the four years while they are at Tennessee but how it can shape their future as well.”

Student athletes are uniquely positioned to use their platform to positively effect their team and community.  Student athletes are a small segment of the student body, already often find themselves in positions of leadership as early as high school or even middle school.  If we focus on educating the all around athlete, paying as much attention to the academics while ensuring these student athletes are as aware of the resources available at their university as we are the plays run during a game, we will indeed create great student athletes more than capable of transcending any task placed before them.  We know that athletics develops lifelong skills, and we will be preparing our student athletes for successes in life well after their days in college are over.

Athlete For Life is a nonprofit project focused on harnessing the talents gained through the student athlete experience to maximize the student and the athlete throughout life. We dream. We compete. We Transcend.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to Athlete For Life and join the conversation.

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